Young Artists Hub (Y.A.H)

Young Artists Hub

Young Artist’s Hub started in 2014 in the Scarborough neighborhood of Parkwoods with Parkwoods Village Ladybugs, Lost Boyz, My Body is My Canvas and Fabu Phit (now it’s own company, Fabulously Phit (Positive Healthy Initiatives and Teamwork) Butterflies .  The most recent initiative Reclaiming Our Bodies was created to help young women who have experience sexual violence or abuse in their neighbourhood as a way to cope, heal and overcome traumas they’ve experienced because of where they live.

We primarily serve youth and families living in low income neighbourhoods and we are currently operating out of Willowdale.  As a result of increased trauma and violence youth have had to deal with more complex issues social injustices and dynamics often leading to violence (both sexual and physical).

By teaching youth how to effectively communicate with one another and deescalate problems or disagreements we no provide youth with alternative ways for problem solving and non violent solutions.

By teaching youth how to effectively express themselves through modalities like art and gardening, providing youth multiple outlets for self expression lessening the amount of angst and frustration youth feel when they are not properly seen or heard.

We work with self defense organization to provide free classes for young women to build their confidence and help them feel safer when walking through their neighbourhood at night.

Teaching youth (all youth) about Consent Culture to ensure its effectiveness with both male and female youth.

Providing art classes (painting, sketching, writing & dance) and urban gardening through our Willowdale Holistic Garden Club & healing from trauma and violence through plant based medicine with Medicine Women.

A model that we teach youth are healthy ways for self expression so that their emotions and frustrations do not leak out in unhealthy ways.

Another model is that we teach consent culture to both our young women with Reclaim Our Bodies and our young men through our group, Lost Boyz.

We partner with counsellors, therapists, housing workers, Wendo and other self defence organizations, other grass roots organizations for collaborations, local artists, the police for workshops and to develop community relationships.

Healing and self expression involve the whole community and the community as a whole and we teach that the crux of healing and positive healthy relationships is in working together united as one.

Due to Covid we have had to have all of our classes and workshops online and this has impacted everyone as being social is an important part to healing.  To adjust to these changes we have revamped so of our projects for the summer.

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