My Body is My Canvas will have online weekly zoom classes.  Boxes with participant supplies and materials will be available for pick up July 2nd, there will be no mails for these packages only contactless pick up between July 2nd and July 4th.

We will have 4 classes covering makeup art, semi precious stone jewelry design and creating, fashion by hand & freestyle design and hair styling.

First class on July 5th, 2021

These are free classes.

eventbrite link to registration here

My Body is My Canvas: Generation Z is a group of non-binary youth ages 14-17 who co-facilitate decorative arts (ne metal and jewelry creation, textile, graphic and fashion design, and makeup art MUA cosmetics) workshops with guest artists Janiece McIntosh, Tamar Johannes and Nanni’s Hair Salon. Youth will gain hands skills to create jewelry, makeup, and apparel that connects them to and explorative relationship their culture, heritage, and identity.

My Body is My Canvas is a group of  young women ages 14 to 17, primarily from Toronto Community Housing (THC) Willowdale neighborhood(s). Our Willowdale neighborhood is very diverse consisting primarily of Asian, Middle Eastern, and Caribbean families, many of us belong to immigrant parents and English for some of us is our second language.

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