My Body Is My Canvas

My Body is My Canvas

Offering young women a space to develop a greater sense of self through self-discovery and actualization by exploring the connection between our bodies as an art form and how we use our bodies to create art.

My Body is My Canvas Generation Z first virtual class July 5th, 2021 from Blue Mountain 🏔.

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Using past and present tribal & indigenous practices, customs and teachings, we reconnect to our roots, cultures and heritage.  We create tribal & indigenous jewelry, fashion, make-up art, hair styles and hair care. Through open dialog and natural hair care workshops we will discuss the connection between “nappy hair” and self-esteem; between weaves, fake hair and self-love or lack thereof.
Our first class was in 2013 with artists and jewelry designer/creator Ark Browne.

Pink Andara by Shashu Universe
Working with stones Luke citrine and tourmaline to establish our energy grids and fine tune our frequency.

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