My Body Is My Canvas

Generation Z Jewelry-Making Classes

My Body is My Canvas will have online weekly zoom classes. Boxes with participant supplies and materials will be available for pick up July 2nd, there will be no mails for these packages only contactless pick up between July 2nd and July 4th.

We will have 12 classes covering makeup art, semi precious stone jewelry design and creating, fashion by hand & freestyle design and hair styling.

The First class was on July 5th, 2021 the video is linked down below

These are free classes.

Free Hygiene Packs for Youth (starter kits)

Wednesday July 28th 

10am – 3pm at Mitchel Field Community Park 

Contactless Pick-up 

Free Hygiene Packs for Youth 

To support youth as they transition from adolescence to young adulthood during the Covid pandemic.

Register for your Pack here and we will have your package with your name waiting for you.

**all packs must be picked up the day of our event giveaway 

Link to Eventbrite below 👇🏽

Sponsors and Supporters

Forester’s Financial

Lush Canada 

Anima Mundi (Apothecary) 

Tetley Tea 

Peaceful Project 

Fabu Phit 

Register for your Pack here and we will have your package with your name waiting for you.

What’s in a Pack?

•charcoal bamboo toothbrush 

• tooth polish (fluoride free)

•loofah /puff ball

•soap /body wash 

•organic teas

•body wash 

•deodorant (natural)

•pillow / blanket (natural) 

Trail Hikers Virtual Classes with Willowdale Holistic Garden Club & Medicine Women

Explore Ontario with us this summer

Trail Hikers – our summer hiking club where we identify native plants in the Ontario region and their different uses and symbolisms will be posted on YouTube so participants can view the different trails and learn about native plants to Ontario.   

We will meet once a week via zoom to discuss and learn about native plant healing and medicine. 

**Don’t forget to take notes when you watch the YouTube weekly hikes

Trail Hikers started June 26th, 2021 somewhere in one of the many parks found in Ontario 🙂 

These are free workshops and videos. Check out our YouTube video for Trail Hikers June 2021 down below

The registration for Trail Hikers August 2021 will be available at Eventbrite soon!

Young Artists Hub Memberships Now Available

Join the Young Artists Hub memberships include:

  • unlimited site access 
  • Information and links to grants, job positions, internships, co op placements, artist opportunities, event and showcase news and information, volunteer positions and exclusive job offers and openings for artists of all artistic disciplines

*$20 yearly membership fee

*all membership includes knapsack, notebook, pen